Strategies For Family Members Caring for Mental Illness Patients

For anyone who is experiencing the symptoms of mental illness, being diagnosed with the same can be extremely frightening as well as confusing. Not only this, the family and friends of the person going through this difficult time can also be negatively affected. A carer is a person who takes care of his or her relative or friend suffering from mental health problems and helps him / her recover from it, or at least learn to cope with it through developing strategies.Read on to find out more about how carers can take better care of their loved ones and help them lead as normal a life as possible.How Mental Illness Distresses A Person?Learning how the mental illness affects a person’s life, and understanding the trauma that the patient is going through is one of the best ways in which a carer can help a mental patient. Many times the behavior of mental patients is misunderstood. Many people think that those suffering from mental illnesses are weak and lazy and by trying hard they can get themself out of this condition.People suffering from mental illness often get confused about the irrational and illogical world inside them and usually fear about the next attack they might experience at any time. Due to this, they often experience bitterness and anger, which has a big impact on their lives as well as the lives of their loved ones. They’re also usually hypersensitive to criticism, including that of their carers as they think that no one understands what they are going through.How to care for a mental patient?• Have realistic expectations: Though it is normal for the loved ones to experience the loss of things that the patient was able to do before his or her mental illness, it is important to keep in mind that the patient must also be experiencing the same feeling of sadness and loss. It is important for carers to remember that recovery in case of mental patients does not mean being able to work just like before. Such high expectations can lead to both the patient and carers failing to see other smaller signs of recovery and progress.• Have a positive outlook: An extremely important way in which a carer can help a mental patient is by instilling positivity and hope in them regarding a brighter future. Most of the time people experiencing mental illness will fail to see a bright future ahead, but helping them gain a positive outlook can go a long way towards assisting their recovery. Try and find other people who have recovered to use as role models. There have been many leaders in the world who have suffered from depression and bi-polar, for example. I personally know a psychologist who suffered from schizophrenia, got themself well and went on to be a positive force in the mental illness field.• Communication: Conversing with a mental patient can often be challenging, especially if carers feel that the patient is not understanding or hearing what they are saying. Some ways to improve communication with the mental patient include maintaining eye contact with a person while talking, presenting a single thought at a time, speaking calmly, listening to others’ thoughts and feelings, and repeating what you are saying in different ways to convey the message. Then it pays to get confirmation that the messages was received by asking them to tell you what they heard you say. Just to ask, “Did you hear me?” is not enough as of course they will say, “Yes.”• Help them reduce stress: Encourage the patient to carry out stress reduction activities such as meditation, walking, adequate sleep and rest, and listening to music to reduce depression, anxiety, and lack of motivation.Carers do have a very difficult job looking after a person with a mental illness and the carer too needs to learn strategies to look after themself otherwise they will become ill and be unable to care for their loved one.

Tips to Improve Your Emotional Health

Maintaining good emotional health is vital not only for one’s mental well being; but, also for leading fulfilling lives with full control on one’s emotions and behavior.Emotional health reflects upon the way a person sees himself and those around him. It is a reflection into his psychological state and his ability to manage emotions during crisis and otherwise.Good mental health does not only mean an absence of psychological disturbances. It rather indicates the presence of positive emotional characteristics. An emotionally healthy person is in control of his or her feelings as well as behavior even in the most challenging of situations. Life throws lemons at all of us; it’s the way we deal with them that reflects our mental health.While all of us are granted our moments of weakness; it is important we make efforts to maintain good emotional health. People who spend time and conscious effort to strengthen their mental health often are found to be more resilient in times of trouble. They not only have an optimistic outlook to life but, also enjoy stronger personal and professional relationships.Here are some ways to work on a stronger emotional health:Building resilience – by resilience we mean the ability to bounce back from traumatic and stressful situations; getting life back on track with one’s determination to remain happy, focused, calm and in control of one’s emotions. It is important to build one’s resilience over the years through all the experiences life offers. Some of the best ways to do this are:
Acknowledge pain:
Confront your feelings and heartbreaks.
Let yourself acknowledge the hurt and reason out its causes.
Understand the importance of experiencing pain without blaming yourself or sulking over it too long.
Deal with it: Once you acknowledge that pain is there; find out ways to deal with it. Step back for a while from everyday hassles and indulge yourself in some activities that will not just divert you but also energize you for the task ahead.Learn when to put it aside: Coming to terms with heartbreak will allow you the flexibility to at times shut it out temporarily and just focus on the present important tasks.Support system: rely on your support system of friends and family and at times allow them to make some distracting decisions for you and take care of you.Exercise and mental health: exercising is not only good for the body but also for the mind. When we exercise the body releases the happy chemicals or endorphins, which lift our mood and energize us.Incorporate exercise in your daily routine: weather it is a half an hour walk, or an hour of gymming, some yoga or aerobics. It could be any form of exercising, but you need to get moving. Take out time for exercise and you’ll see your moods lifting.Go out in the sun: sunlight is very important, not just for the bones but also for your mood. After all who can stay sad on a bright and sunny day?Take enough sleep: just as exercising getting your required seven to eight hours of sleep too is a must for the body’s proper functioning.Pamper yourself: By pampering yourself we do not mean going overboard with feeding in to desires. It means doing things that make you feel good about yourself and boost your self esteem. Like:
Helping the needy around you.
Going through the day with self discipline and following your routine.
Indulging in a hobby
Joining a new activity to learn something you do not know.
Go in for beauty treatments or massages for relaxation.
Restrict unhealthy mental habits: habits like unnecessary worrying, dwelling over the past, building your guilt and feeding your stress are wasteful and unhealthy for emotional strength. Refrain from too much thinking and self talks. Be conscious when your mind wanders to these never return lands and make efforts to bring yourself back on track. Be determined not to encourage yourself and others from pulling you into the quicksand of negative emotions.Invest in your support system: build a strong support system of friends (even if they are only a few) and family around you. Allow them to take care of you and spend time with them. It will always lift your spirits as they care.
Go out with them and have social interactions. Human beings are by nature social beings and isolation is detrimental.
Learn to differentiate between positive and negative company. When going through turbulent times stick to someone who not only is a good listener but also a positive influence.
Steer clear from those who pull you back into depression and stress.
With some conscious effort you will eventually learn to strengthen your emotional quotient and have a positively inclined mindset.

Branson – A Top Family Vacation Destination For Fun and Entertainment

With Branson’s variety of amusement parks, live entertainment and outdoor recreation activities it is no wonder you will feel overwhelmed with planning a family vacation visit. Within a seven mile span of Highway 76 you will find 70-plus hotels and motels, over 60 restaurants, and more than 30 live entertainment shows, along with many shopping outlets and amusement parks.Branson can be a year-round destination for visitors offering them to see blooming dogwood and wildflowers in the spring, enjoy the many outdoor activities, such as hiking, boating fishing & camping to name a few in the summer. In the fall you can see the changing of the leaves and the winter you can experience the many holiday events. June through December is the most popular time to visit while January through March is the least popular time. The spring time is ideal to plan a visit as there are fewer visitors, lower prices, and the more favorable weather than winter.When it comes to vacation destinations, few places can match Branson’s ability to entertain the entire family. With all the live shows, amusement parks and outdoor recreation, Branson is considered one of America’s most family-friendly vacation destinations. Here, you can take the kids to an amusement park one day, take them on a fishing trip the next while each evening still able to slip in a musical. With so many attractions from shows to theme parks to choose, your decisions can be difficult.Here is a sampling of Branson favorites to assist you in making your plans.Dixie Stampede Show – Visitors of all ages enjoy the thrills and excitement because you never know what you’ll see at the Dixie Stampede! From the first moment you arrive to the grand finale, you’ll be surprised, entertained and awed by the beauty of the horses, the magic of the special effects and the perfect performances.Baldknobbers Jamboree Show in Branson – This was Branson’s first show. Today’s Baldknobbers Show is a musical powerhouse featuring a talented cast of dynamic singers, musicians, comedians and entertainers as they perform your favorite Country Classics, Hot New Country Hits, Toe Tappin’ Gospel and Lots Side-Spitting Comedy.The Acrobats of China – The Acrobats of China featuring the New Shanghai Circus is a spectacular extravaganza of elegant eastern dance, dazzling acrobatics, mysterious magic, mystical music, and more. Over 40 amazing performers bring the Orient to Branson with fabulous backdrops, state-of-the-art lighting, and a fast-paced, exciting production.Shoji Tabuchi Show – The Shoji Tabuchi show is Branson’s first family of extraordinary musical entertainment. Shoji Tabuchi, his beautiful wife Dorothy, and delightful daughter Christina are the family that plays, sings, and dances.The Branson Duck Tour – Lake Taneycomo – Enjoy a sightseeing duck tour in Branson. Ride through historic downtown Branson and splash into Lake Taneycomo for a fun cruise.Silver Dollar City – Silver Dollar City combines the family fun of a major theme park with the timeless appeal of crafts and a dedication to preserving 1880s Ozarks culture. Crafts demonstrated are glass blowing, basket weaving, blacksmithing, pottery, candy making, candle making, and many other disciplines by over 100 craftsmen. The park is filled with 20 rides and attractions, 60 unique shops and restaurant and 40 dazzling shows a day.Lodging options in Branson are endless. No matter what your budget or taste, the Branson area has something for everyone. Choose from a wide selection of golf front condos, motels, hotels, lakeside resorts, cabins, or bed and breakfast inns. Amenities visitors can expect to find at area lodging properties include everything from full service marinas to deluxe spas, health and fitness clubs, business centers, retail shops, lounges, restaurants, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, daycare, horseback riding, tennis, volleyball, golf, laundry facilities and dump stations for motor coaches.Try not to do too much while visiting Branson on your family vacation. With so much to see and do in the Branson area you won’t be able to see it all in one visit. Branson is a vacation destination that your family will always remember and you will want to visit again.